PICTURES #2 Mark Goodman Robert Minden Per Brandin Claude Rie Sharon Smith Nancy Gonchar Branko Lenart Dennis Church Group Show SX–70's

Stumbling by chance upon a poster in San Francisco (at the Focus Gallery?) in 1971,

announcing photography workshops at Apeiron, my interest was quickened when I

discovered that there would be a workshop led by Diane Arbus, the photographer that had

my attention in the late 1960s. A day before the workshop was to begin Peter Schlessinger

tracked me down to inform me of the tragic news of her death. It stopped me cold and even

though he had found another photographer to carry on the workshop, Paul Caponigro, an

artist who was then unknown to me, I felt I could no longer participate. But, like the other

quirky recruits for the Diane Arbus workshop, we somehow found our way to Apeiron. It

was an extraordinary time of meeting.